Minutes of the Alburgh Parish Council meeting held on Thursday, 2nd September 2021 at 7.30pm in Alburgh Village Hall.


Parish Councillors present:

Mr. Soanes: Chairman, Mrs Davis: Vice Chair, Mrs. Gladden-Fenn, Mrs. Stewart, Mrs. Hair


Also attending: 4 members of the public, Jackie Ellis; clerk.


1     Welcome by the Chairman, Mr. Soanes


  1. To receive and accept apologies for absence: Mrs. Poulter  


  1. To receive any declarations of interest from members on any item to be discussed – None


  1. To approve and sign the minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the June 2021 parish council meeting were signed by Mr. Soanes as a correct record.


  1. Open Forum for Public Participation (maximum 10 minutes): an opportunity to hear from members of the public
  2. The Jubilee Committee was formed many years ago and a parishioner has some books, records, etc which she wished to hand back to the parish council. Mrs. Davis offered to look after these.
  3. A parishioner spoke about the speeding issues in the village and has attended a police engagement meeting where the matter of speeding was discussed.
  4. It was asked why the planning at Mill Farm, Alburgh has not been sorted as the application went to SNC in September 2020. The clerk will enquire on this.


  1. Councillor Co option

We have received two applications for our one vacancy.

Parish councillors voted by a paper ballot and duly co opted Mark Thompson by a majority vote. Mr. Soanes welcomed Mr. Thompson to the parish council.  He signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office and will be given the relevant forms for completion and to read.


  1. Reports from District and County Councillors – None received


  1. To discuss matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting and not on the agenda – None


  1. Correspondence – None


  1. To discuss Big South Norfolk Litter Pick

This scheme will commence on 1st September and run until 31st October.  We have taken part in this for several years now and it was agreed that we would do so again this year.  Mrs. Gladden-Fenn is happy to organise as she always does.  Date agreed is Saturday, 16th October, further details to follow at next meeting.


  1. To receive inspection report on the Playing Field and what to do with Millennium Garden

We have had some concerns raised about the condition of the Millennium Garden.

Mrs. Poulter volunteered to take this on and has now had an opportunity to look at the issues and in her absence has emailed the following points:






  • The garden needs bringing back under control, starting with the weeds. She has started weeding and the hedges look great since they were cut.  Levi has been asked to cut the grass and keep it tidy from now on.
  • The corner bed needs a good prune and clear out of what shouldn’t be there.
  • Rescue the rose that’s planted in the grass again the end hedge.
  • The wildflower area is looking particularly messy. It was felt that this would be better to revert to regular cutting which would be in keeping with a public garden.
  • Gravel path, once weed free be topped up with some more gravel.

All councillors were happy with her suggestions.


The pond is overgrown and silted up, we have discussed previously the possibility of dredging. It was agreed that we should get some expert advice which Mr. Soanes is looking in to. To be discussed further at next meeting. Levi has offered to thin the rushes from the pond.


Mrs. Gladden-Fenn has cleared the beech hedging along the side of the allotment and carted all the rubbish to the rubbish heap near the tennis court.  That just leaves the top row of hedging to clear.

We will ask Levi to strim the ditch and banks between the beech hedging and the allotments.


Playing field report:

Mrs. Poulter did inspection and again emailed her report:

All was in good order.

A couple of pieces of equipment could do with a coat of wood preservative, like the boat and the Denny’s picnic table.  It was agreed that this will be done.  There are quite a lot of weeds under the slide.


The bottle bank area gets very untidy with items being left in which should not be.  This will be reported to SNC.


Discussions on the gate to the allotments – to be discussed at next meeting.


Hedging around new grass area.  Some of this has died and we need to purchase some more.


  1. To review Standing Orders and adopt Co Option Policy

The clerk has reviewed the Standing Orders and each councillor has received a copy prior to the meeting.  All were in agreement that these be adopted.  Co Option Policy to be carried forward to next month.


  1. Village Hall Lease

We have sent an email copy to the Solicitors, Sprake & Kingsley who have responded with a rough price of £500.00.  They do require a hard copy of the original lease though as the email was not very legible.  Mrs. Davis offered to take this to the Solicitors.


  1. To report on planning decisions, applications commented on since last meeting

Applications received:

Ref:  2021/1858 and 1859, Ref:  2021/1630, Ref:  2021/1340

Councillors recommendation to South Norfolk was to approve these applications.


Decisions made:

Ref:  2021/1250 – Approved with conditions




  1. To approve payments to be made and monies received

Payments:  J Ellis, Clerk salary and expenses £182.00 for Month 4 and £185.60 for Month 5

Levi Farrow for grass cutting £294.00 and £94.00

S & A Garden Services, Millennium Garden hedge trimming £150.00


Receipts:    Donations from the Garage Sales to the River Waveney Trust £140.00


  1. To receive items for the next agenda

Film Nights

Clearing the Wortwell Allotments

Allotment Invoices

New Hedging


Gate to the Allotments

Co Option Policy


  1. Any other business

Discussions on whether Scouts/young offenders could help with the allotment clearing, etc.

To enquire whether District councillors will be able to attend future meetings.


  1. To confirm the date of the next meeting

Mr. Soanes thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting at 8.35pm.

Next meeting will be Thursday, 7th October 2021 at 7.30pm in Alburgh Village Hall.



Mr. Soanes, Chairman Alburgh Parish Council, 7th October, 2021.