Alburgh village is served by the Homersfield Exchange located on Low Ditch Road. This is an ADSL2+ enabled exchange which means download speeds of up to 24Mbps is possible for those living close to the exchange. The speed you actually get is dependent on the distance you are from the exchange, the quality of the line between the exchange and your home and finally the quality of the extension wiring within your home. As a guide everyone living in Alburgh village within the 30mph boundaries should be getting at least 8 Mbps sync speed. If you would like to understand more about broadband technology then try


The village is Superfast enabled with a technology called Fibre To The Cabinet or FTTC. A fibre optic cable connects to the cabinet and then the existing copper wiring is used to connect into your house. As it still uses copper cable the speed is dependant on how far away you are from your serving super fast cabinet. The are two cabinets in Alburgh.

  • Cabinet No. 7 is located at the junction of Low Road/Low Ditch Road/School Road.
  • Cabinet No. 9 is located at the far end of the village near Shingle Farm.

You can get a speed estimate by putting your number into the BT Wholesale checker.


If you have problems with your broadband then you need to contact your service provider and tell them immediately. Keep records of the problems you are having so you can be precise on the time and date of outages. Compare with your neighbours to ensure you’re getting similar service to everyone else. Try and compare connection or sync speed rather than the results from a speed checker site. You can get this information from your broadband router, it will also tell you how long the line has been connected.

If you have a BT router you can find the connection speed by going to the hub web interface at Under Advanced Setting / Broadband / Connection you should find the details you require.

If you use the speed tester on then you can see your results on a map and compare to others. However, it’s best to do several tests at different times of day to get an overall view.

Changing Service Provider

Alburgh only has broadband infrastructure (cables, exchange, poles etc.) from Openreach. Openreach is part of the BT Group but is operated, by law, completely independently. However, you do have a choice of who you buy your broadband service from which has a significant impact on the quality of the customer service you receive, even though Openreach ultimately carries out any repairs. If you’re unhappy with your service then it is straightforward to switch providers using one of the switching sites.

Other information on Broadband

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