Alburgh Parish Council supports several initiatives within the village to help reduce vehicle speeds to a safe level.

Fixed Speed Monitors

There are 2 fixed Speed Awareness Monitors, one is located next to the playing field, the other at the North side of the village near Moat Farm House. These have been positioned to help reduce speeds at critical areas of the village.

Community Speed Watch

A team of volunteers carry out Community Speed Watch in collaboration with the local Police force. The volunteers use a Speed Radar Gun to record registration numbers of speeding cars. The data is sent to the Police and results in the registered owners receiving a warning letter with the option of further action being taken for persistent offenders. The team is always looking for more volunteers.

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Mobile Speed Monitors

The village has 2 mobile Speed Awareness Monitors. The mobile signs are intelligent and record the speed of passing vehicles so that later analysis can be carried out. The mobile units are moved around the village every 4 weeks to provide a view of speeds for the whole village.

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Safer Neighbourhood Team

Linked with the speedwatch activity the local police team, known as the safer neighbourhood team, also visit the village to catch speeding vehicles. Vehicles caught by this team will be formally charged and will receive a fine, points on their license or the option of attending a speed awareness course.

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