Mobile Monitors

The mobile speed monitor signs are intelligent and record the speed of passing vehicles so that later analysis can be carried out. The units are moved around the village every 4 weeks to provide a view of speeds for the whole village. The results are reviewed by the Parish Council and shared with the local police.

The data for each location is displayed on two charts.

  1. The first chart shows vehicle speeds and the number of vehicles captured traveling at that speed.
    • Shows the distribution of vehicle speeds.
    • Shows the maximum speeds (yes we have recorded 85mph in a 30mph!)
    • Shows the percentage of vehicles travelling > 5 mph over the speed limit.
  2. The second chart shows vehicles that are 10 mph or greater over the speed limit by the time-of-day and day-of-week. The larger the dot the higher the number of vehicles with the actual count shown in [].
    • Shows when most speed offences occur. This optimises when to carry out a manual speed camera check (police or our own speed watch team).

The signs can be orientated so that they capture vehicles entering the village; incoming, or vehicles leaving the village; outgoing. The village hall is considered to be the centre of the village for this judgement.

A map of the village with the possible locations of speed monitors is shown below. Click on the cameras to see vehicle speeds at that location.

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