As part of the Norfolk County Council budget cuts our footpaths are now going to maintained as a two tier system. The long distance trails (Weavers way etc.) will be fully maintained but other local footpaths will no longer be maintained.

What does this mean? Well, paths are only going to be inspected every five years and will therefore become less accessible, finger posts will not be repaired and overgrown paths will not be cut. This may well have the knock on effect of walkers straying onto cultivated fields and private land. Walking in shorts may well become a thing of the past!!

The Campaign for Rural England has some useful information here.

Gill and I regularly walk the local paths and will report in any problems but the more people that report issues the better. We both attended the CPRE “Protect our Paths Campaign Launch” event at Loddon to see what opportunities there will be for local people to get involved and will report back any initiatives via the Parish Council and the Alburgh Website.

To report problems to Norfolk County Council

Richard & Gill Gedge

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