Minutes of the parish council meeting held on Thursday, 5th July 2012 at 7.30pm in Alburgh Village Hall.


Parish Councillors present:

Mr. Denny (Chairman)

Mrs. Walton (Vice Chairman)

Mrs. Gladden-Fenn

Mrs. K. Love

Mrs. Goose

Mr. R. Morris


Also attending: 

Mrs. P.Wright

Mrs. J. Pearce

1 Members of the Public

Dr. M. Gray, District Councillor



Mr. T. Tomkinson, County Councillor

Mr. E. Renaut


Minutes of the last council meeting

The minutes of the June 2012 meeting were amended and signed by Mr. D Denny, the Chairman as a correct record.


No declaration of interest from members was declared.


Parish Council Code of Conduct, Declarations of Interest and Standards – All councillors have received a new copy of the Code of Conduct.  All were happy for this to be adopted.

All councillors have completed the Register of Members’ Interests.


Public Participation

Mrs. Beckett, on behalf of the APCC thanked all the people who helped and supported at the church fete and the service at the church with the Salvation Army band. She also thanked everyone who helped at the jubilee celebrations.


Matters arising

Letter received from Mr. J. Bond concerning his desire to commemorate his parents with some form of memorial in the village.  Mr. Bond and family have decided to erect two seats, one for each, on their own land next to a footpath leading from Tunbeck Road to the top of Dove Hill.

They felt this would be easier for their maintenance.  Mr. J. Bond thanked the parish council for our help in considering this matter.






Norfolk RCC Signpost


Mini Recycling Centre Agreement 2012/13.  All were happy for the clerk to complete this form for us to receive our ‘adopter’ payment of £200.00 for the year 2012/13.


Invitation to NRCC AGM to be held on 11th July at 4.00pm.  No member wishes to attend.


Adoption of Child Protection Policy

As we have applied for a grant from the Saffron charity, they have asked for this Child Protection Policy to be adopted.  All councillors have previously had a copy of this and had time to study it and were happy for this to be adopted.


Affordable Housing Meeting is scheduled to be held on 18th July, 2012.  This has had to be delayed as ‘great crested newts’ have been found on the land.  They are trying to resolve this with Natural England.


Parking at the School

The local police have said that we are not allowed to put cones outside of the school gates.  Their suggestion is that we ask Highways to paint yellow school diagonal lines in front of the school gates to stop parents parking there.  The School are happy with this and we have asked Highways for this to be done.


Playing Field Report

Mrs. Love did inspection. The following were reported:

  • The See-Saw is broken.  It was decided that this would be dismantled.
  • Following the Fete which was held on Saturday, there were jars left in the bins on the playing field.
  • Cardboard boxes were left in the recycling area.
  • Deep Water sign is covered in reeds and cannot be seen.  It was suggested that we could put a sign on the fence.  Mr. Denny will have a look at this and see what can be done.
  • The Seat needs treating again.  It was agreed that this should be re-positioned.


Playing Field Committee Report – Update on fundraising

Work has started on the new play equipment.  Equipment is being assembled in the workshop at present and next week things will be coming to put in place.

Seven letters have been written to local companies requesting any donations towards the play equipment.  We have received two replies to date, Durrants who can not donate at the moment, and Earsham Gravels who have sent a cheque for £100.00.

A Dance in November has been organised.

Retro Disco will hopefully be planned for September.

Mr. Denny has been invited to a meeting with Saffron on the 17th  July to put our presentation to them for a grant.








Applications received:

Mr Michael Watts, Burlingham Lodge Farm, Broad Road, Alburgh.

Proposal:  Steel framed extension of agricultural storage building.  No councillor had any objection.


Mr. N. Bond, South Farm, Tunbeck Road, Alburgh.  Proposal:  Installation of photovoltanic PV in ground mounted paddock area.  No councillor had any objection but felt that these should not have been installed prior to applying for planning permission.

Decisions received:

  • Miss Mandy La-four, South Barn, Mill Road, Alburgh.  Proposed two new extensions, car port and chain link fencing to west boundary.  Approved with conditions.
  • Mr. Richard Gedge, Pied Bridge Cottage, Burntoak Lane, Alburgh.  Replacement of existing polycarbonate roof with tiled roof incorporating clear sky light windows.  Approved with conditions.


Jubilee Committee Report

Money left over from the jubilee amounts to £150.00 and it is their wish that this comes back to the parish council to go towards the new play equipment.  There is also £33.00 surplus from the jubilee coins. All were happy for this to be donated towards the play equipment as well.



Payments:  J Ellis, clerk salary £187.20

J. Pearce, internal audit £45.00

Joy Playgrounds balance for Phase 1 £19,759.50.  It was agreed that this will only be paid when the equipment has been looked at and checked.

Receipts:   £100.00 from Earsham Gravels – donation to play equipment

£183.00 from Jubilee committee – donation to play equipment


County and District Council News

Dr. Gray reported:

  • From the money available from the Waveney neighbourhood board they will be purchasing a ‘SAM’ for the parish councils to borrow.  More details to follow when the equipment has been bought.
  • The Council are investigating the recycling rate and investigating food waste recycling.
  • Dr. Gray has received a phone call from Michael Watts about the uneven roads on the bends on Broad Road.  He thinks this is getting worse and wondered what parish councillors thought.  All were in agreement with this. He would like to get the county council to resurface it.  Clerk to contact Highways about this as well.

Public Participation






Items for next Agenda

Dance in November.


Clerk to write to Mr. Shervington at The Old Armoury, Station Road, Alburgh.  IP20 0EP to ask them to trim their road side hedge back.


The Tennis Club need to clean their tennis courts and will need a source of water.  They have asked if they can use the water from the village hall.  Mrs. Goose and Mr. Morris said this would be ok.




Mr. Denny thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting at 8.30pm.



Mr.Denny, Chairman Alburgh Parish Council, 6th September 2012.