All Saints Church Alburgh. Autumn News 2013.


We have not yet found a replacement for our Rector who left a year ago, but in the meantime we are receiving excellent support from our local Ministry Team all of whom are volunteers. We are grateful to them and everyone who helps.


We held a Songs of Praise service in May to give an opportunity to sing favourite hymns. We are anxious to receive suggestions so please let us know if you have a hymn which has special meaning for you.


In June we enjoyed a visit from the choir of Norwich Cathedral. The church was full to hear a fine concert which included a range of pieces from the sacred to such as “Dashing away with the smoothing iron” and “The British Grenadiers”.


In June we also held the fête. This year, unlike some years, we enjoyed fine weather. It was a success and fun and we hope it was enjoyed by those who came. Because it is an annual event it would be possible to think that we may take for granted the sterling efforts of all the friends who help. Not so. Their contribution is greatly appreciated. Thank you. With our Spring newsletter we will publish the church accounts which will explain our finances and why we depend so much on our fund raising efforts and the help we receive.


More recently we have been concerned with the upkeep of the churchyard. Some of the maintenance work done was met with differing views but after a most constructive and useful meeting looking at the problems, everyone seemed to recognise that all efforts are aimed to keep the churchyard in the good order we all want. A programme of work within the bounds of the resources available is under way. The grass has been very well cut by John Whitton. Anyone who would like to help please contact Keith Donno 01986 788732.


By the time you read this we will have enjoyed our last Songs and Supper concert. This has raised valuable funds for the church at the same time as providing a most enjoyable evening for everyone. Joyce Kimber who has been a wonderful leader and moving spirit of the whole thing is now retiring having moved to live near her son in Ipswich. We are very grateful to her and wish her well for her future. Also not forgetting the members of the choir and those who have provided the delicious meals we have enjoyed.


Our youth worker Sarah Quantrill has left to train for ordination but we look forward to continuing our work withh the Denton Open the Book team at the Alburgh and Denton school assemblies once a week.


Please join us, and looking ahead, specially for:

*The Remembrance Service for the three villages of Denton, Earsham and Alburgh which will this year be held in our church. 10.50 am Sunday 10 November.

*Our Carol service which will be in the church 7 p.m. Saturday 7 December with the band of The Salvation Army Diss.

*At Christmas when there will be a Communion Service at 7 p.m on Christmas Eve and a Morning Service at 10.00 A.M. on Christmas Day.


With best wishes from the Churchwardens and the Members of the PCC.