To vote select the films you wish to vote for using the tick box next to the film and then click the Vote button at the bottom. This is shown in the following image.


Once you click the vote button you will be shown a summary of the voting results so far.


If you don’t see the voting page then it means someone has already voted from this PC, please read the following to understand why.

Unfortunately previous film voting has been disrupted by individuals voting multiple times for the same or unpopular films in order to change the result. We’re sure this has not been done by local people but by some ‘menace’ on the Internet.

In order to prevent this we have had to deploy countermeasures to try and limit such practices, unfortunately this may cause some disruption to genuine voters.

If a PC is shared in a household then only one person will be able to vote from that PC. If you try and vote again then you will either not get the vote button or when you try and vote and you will be informed that you are not allowed to vote. However, multiple devices in household will be able to vote OK but only once each.

If you are having other problems then please contact or use the contact option at the top of the page and explain what’s not working for you. It would be useful to know whether it’s a PC, iPad, etc. and we’ll try and help.