Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Thursday, 6th July 2017 at 7.30pm in Alburgh Village Hall.


Parish Councillors present:

Mr. Denny – Chairman

Mrs. Gladden-Fenn – Vice Chair

Mr Renaut

Mrs. Davis

Mrs Beckett

Mrs. Gedge


Also attending: 2 members of the public, Dr. M Gray: District Councillor, Mrs J Ellis: clerk.


1   Welcome by the Chairman


  1. To receive and accept apologies for absence: Mrs. P Goose


  1. To receive any declarations of interest from members on any item to be discussed –

Mr. Renaut and Mrs. Davis declared an interest in Item No. 12.


  1. To approve and sign the minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the June 2017 meeting were signed by Mr. Denny, Chairman as a correct record.


  1. The meeting was adjourned from 7.32pm to 7.33pm for public participation but no member of the public had anything to say.


  1. Reports from our District and County Councillors

Dr. M. Gray reported as follows:

  • Parish Boundary Review – Following on from our proposed change this will be discussed at a meeting on 15th August, 2017.
  • The Grant request for the village hall is on the agenda for a meeting next Thursday.  Dr. Gray will support this.
  • Training for parish councillors.  Dr. Gray knows somebody personally who does training locally; mainly for new parish councillors and he asked if we would be interested.  This could possibly be shared with Denton and Wortwell parish councils to split costs.  Mr. Denny said that we would be interested and asked if it could be an evening session.
  • Dr. Gray has attended a meeting on preventing health problems in the district.  He gave us some statistics for Earsham Ward.
  • SNC has banned smoking and vaping on site. They are also talking about banning in other areas such as playing fields.  Parish councils may be asked to do the same thing in the near future.
  • Update on the toilets and parking in Harleston which is still being discussed.


  1. To discuss matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting

The new sign for the playing field has now been erected.


We are still waiting for an update on the Wayleaves claim which Mr. Denny has submitted.



  1. Correspondence

We have received a letter of resignation from the parish council from Mrs. Pat Goose.  Mr. Denny read this out and the clerk will keep this on file.  The parish council will send a letter of thanks to Mrs. Goose.

The vacancy will be advertised.


We have been informed that on the 21st August there will be heavy machinery on The Street for the delivery of the building near Friends Farm.


  1. Update on Film Night

Mr. Denny reported: The last film showing was ‘La La Land’ and was again well attended.

Hopefully Mr. Denny and Mr. Gedge have now solved the problem with the sound.  Mr. Denny asked for approval, if need be, of the purchase of a new piece of equipment if the problem is not sorted. All were in agreement.


  1. Joint Parish Council Meeting – Guest speaker from the Dementia Friendly Community

We have heard from Norman Steer who is a member of the Harleston Dementia group.  Norman has completed his training to talk about Dementia and the making of Dementia Friends.  He is currently making his way around all the adjoining villages to Harleston and would be happy to come and give a talk at our joint meeting.  It was agreed to set the date for 7th November, 2017 at 7.30pm.  Clerk to let the other parishes and Norman know.


  1. Emergency First Aid Training

The Community Heartbeat Trust are able to offer a non-certificated First Aid Course for a cost of £250.00 plus VAT.  It is a 3 hour course and is for up to 25 people.  We have also contacted St John Ambulance who can offer ‘Essential First Aid with AED Demonstration’.  This lasts for 3.5 hours and the cost per person is £25.00 plus VAT and 8-14 people can be accommodated for on each course.  After discussion it was decided not to go ahead with this.


  1. Village Hall request for donation

After discussion, it was agreed to donate £2,000 to the village hall for their storage extension.  This will be paid when required.


  1. Playing Field Report and hedge cutting on playing field

Mrs. Gedge did inspection.  All was in good order.

The Millennium garden hedge is due to be cut on Monday.

The rest of the hedges around the playing field need cutting.  All were in agreement for Chris Thomas to do this again.  Mr. Denny will organise this.


Allotments – Mrs. Fleur Smith is going to take on a vacant allotment as of now.  Mr. Denny has told her that she can have this free of charge until October.


  1. To report on planning decisions, applications commented on since last meeting – None


  1. To approve payments to be made and monies received

Payments:  J Ellis, Clerk salary £178.55 plus expenses £21.60

HMRC – PAYE for first quarter £8.20

Moviola Ltd £116.80

Dis Signs for playing field sign £57.60

Rio Lazaretti for hedge cutting £252.00

Receipts:    Film Night £228 plus £17.40 ice creams

HMRC Vat Repayment to 31/03/2017 £1,168.78


  1. To receive items for the next agenda – None


The date and time of the next parish council meeting will be Thursday, 7th September 2017 at 7.30pm.


  1. The meeting was adjourned at 8.20pm and reconvened at 8.25pm for public comments

Dr. Gray has received an amended pre-application consultation from Harlequin for a proposed base station installation at Grain Brewery, South Farm, Alburgh. This has been slightly changed from the previous consultation but makes no mention of the church’s offer which has been mentioned to them.

It was agreed to forward this information to Keith Donno for the church representatives to respond.  The parish council will also respond to support the church.


The church thanked all who supported and helped with the Village Fete which was a great success and raised approximately £1,400.00.


  1. Close of meeting


Mr. Denny thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting at 8.26pm.




Mr. Denny, Chairman Alburgh Parish Council, 7th September 2017.