Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Thursday, 7th September 2017 at 7.30pm in Alburgh Village Hall.


Parish Councillors present:

Mr. Denny – Chairman

Mrs. Gladden-Fenn – Vice Chair

Mr Renaut

Mrs. Davis

Mrs Beckett

Mrs. Gedge


Also attending: 7 members of the public, Dr. M Gray: District Councillor, Mrs M Stone, County Councillor, Mrs J Ellis: clerk.


1   Welcome by the Chairman


  1. To receive and accept apologies for absence: None


  1. To receive any declarations of interest from members on any item to be discussed – None


  1. To approve and sign the minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the July 2017 meeting were signed by Mr. Denny, Chairman as a correct record.


  1. The meeting was adjourned from 7.33pm to 7.37pm for public participation

A member of the public expressed concern that the footpath at the bottom of Tunbeck leading to Broadwash Farm was no longer accessible as the gate was locked and the footpath has been rerouted. It was asked whether permission had been granted. Clerk to contact NCC about this and Mrs. Stone offered to look in to this for us as well.


  1. Reports from our District and County Councillors

Dr. M. Gray reported as follows:

  • Parish boundary review was discussed on 15th August and the move of Greenland Barn from Wortwell to Alburgh. The ward boundaries were agreed before parish boundaries, therefore it could not be changed. The District council agreed to put this in to consultation.  It was agreed that we would support this change by email to: Review@s-norfolk.gov.uk.
  • Grant for village hall extension has now been received.
  • Training for parish councillors; unfortunately this will not be going ahead now as the lady Dr. Gray knows is too busy.
  • Parking in Harleston. This is still on going – there is a parish poll being carried out this evening.  There will be a Scrutiny committee meeting for councillors to discuss this.


Margaret Stone our County Councillor reported as follows:

  • 3 major road projects were agreed as priorities for the council – a third river crossing in Great Yarmouth, a bypass for Long Stratton with the proposed roundabout for the Hempnall crossing and finally the Norwich Western Link.
  • Children’s Services:  Mental health link.  Children are to receive earlier support, thanks to a new link service.



  • New Eco Awards is open for entries from 4th September 2017 and will close on 1st December 2017.
  • Loneliness:  campaign to try and reduce this.  The new ‘In Good Company Quality Mark’ has been launched to recognise and reward the work parish councils, shops, communities, etc do to combat loneliness in Norfolk.


  1. To elect a new parish councillor

We have received one application for the parish councillor position.  This was from Tony Stiffel.

As we have had only the one application Tony Stiffel was elected on to the council.  The Declaration of Acceptance of Office was completed and the register of members’ interests was given to Mr. Stiffel for his completion.


  1. To discuss matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting

Clerk to look in to ‘in house’ training again.


  1. Correspondence

We have received a letter from SNC re:  Adopter payment for Mini Recycling Centre 2017/18.  To receive payment again for this year, there is an application form and agreement form to be completed.  All councillors were happy for the clerk to complete this.


  1. Update on Film Night

Mr. Denny reported: The last film showing was ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ and was again well attended.

Richard Gedge and Richard Morris have both helped to re-wire the dvd and projector.  Mr. Denny thanked them both.  At the moment we have no Fish and Chip Van but we are hoping this will come back.  During its absence Julie Davis has offered to do pie and chips and scampi and chips.

It was agreed that this Christmas we will show the film ‘Trolls’ for the children.  This will be on Thursday, 21st December.


  1. To finalise plans for Joint Parish Council Meeting

This will be held on 7th November, 2017 at 7.30pm.  The guest speaker will be Norman Steer from the Dementia Friendly Community. Clerk to invite the other parishes, the local police, and local councillors.  Tea, Coffee and biscuits will be provided.


  1. Playing Field Report

Mrs. Beckett did inspection.  All was in good order.

Dirty nappies are still being put in bins.

Rats have been noticed where food has been put in bins.  This will be monitored.


  1. To discuss possibility of joining the village hall for an Equal Opportunities Awareness Evening

Liz Ellis has offered to take this.  All councillors felt this was a good idea and would be happy to attend.  Mrs. Davis will keep us informed.


  1. To discuss possibility of another speed camera in village

Discussions on the possibility of putting another speed camera along Station Road. It was agreed to put this out for discussion in the magazine and on Alburgh Talk.  We will also look in to applying for the grant from the County Council’s local highway budget for small projects.


  1. To report on planning decisions, applications commented on since last meeting

Application Decisions; Ref:  2017/1040 – Mr & Mrs Player, Friends Farm, Alburgh.  To erect two free standing portable shepherd hut holiday lets – approval with conditions.


Consultation; Ref:  2017/1765, The Grain Brewery Land at South Farm, Tunbeck Road, Alburgh.  Proposal:  proposed erection of 18m lattice tower with 3no antennas, 2no dishes and 3no equipment cabinets.  We refused the application. We have since been advised that prior approval is not required and the development can be carried out.


Ref:  2017/2032 – Mr Matt Davidson, Location: Denbridge, The Street, Alburgh.  Application for demolition of existing dwelling and garage/workshop and erection of 2 semi-detached dwellings with garages.  All councillors consider this application be approved with no comments.


Ref:  2017/0079 – Mr. P Martin, Friends Barn, The Street, Alburgh.  We have been notified that there has been an appeal against refusal regarding the new highway access.  It was agreed that we did not need to make any new comments.


  1. To approve payments to be made and monies received

Payments:  J Ellis, Clerk salary £348.90 for two months, plus expenses £39.60 for two months

Moviola Ltd £122.40

Mazars for audit work for year ended 31.3.17 £150.00

Richard Gedge for repairs to Film equipment £67.49

S & A Garden Services for cutting millennium garden £90.00

Rio Lazapetti for grass cutting £54.00

Richard Morris for cables installed on film equipment £59.28

                    Mr. C Thomas for hedge cutting all round playing field £240.00

Receipts:    Film Night £244.00 plus £38.80 ice creams

SNC – grant for village hall extension £4,071.00


  1. To receive items for the next agenda – None


The date and time of the next parish council meeting will be Thursday, 5th October 2017 at 7.30pm.


  1. The meeting was adjourned at 8.45pm and reconvened at 8.48pm for public comments

A member of the public pointed out that the gate to the footpath to Broadwash Farm as mentioned earlier,  has never been locked.

A member of the public asked about a speed Camera in Church Road.  It was felt that Station Road was a more preferable location.


  1. Close of meeting


Mr. Denny thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting at 8.57pm.




Mr. Denny, Chairman Alburgh Parish Council, 5th October 2017.