Minutes of the Alburgh Parish Council meeting held on Thursday, 4th July 2019 at 7.30pm in Alburgh Village Hall.


Parish Councillors present:

Mr. Denny: Chairman, Mrs Gedge: Vice Chair, Mr. Renaut, Mrs. Gladden-Fenn, Mrs. Davis, Mr. Soanes, Mr. Dunbar


Also attending: 8 members of the public, Mrs J Ellis; clerk.


1     Welcome by the Chairman, Mr. Denny


  1. To receive and accept apologies for absence: Margaret Stone, County Councillor


  1. To receive any declarations of interest from members on any item to be discussed – None


  1. To approve and sign the minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the June 2019 parish council meeting were signed by Mr. Denny as a correct record.


  1. The meeting was not adjourned for public participation as no member of the public had any comments.


  1. Reports from District and County Councillors

In her absence, Margaret Stone, Norfolk County Councillor emailed her report as below:

  • Road side grass cutting – A few years ago an ‘intermittent cutting’ policy on roads was implemented. This meant that grass cuts were focussed on bends and junctions and the full length of the roadside verges were cut less frequently.  This was reviewed a few years ago and there are no current plans to change the cutting policy.  The council work with the Norfolk Wildlife Trust to maintain 112 Roadside Nature Reserves which contain wildflowers.
  • NCC will be investing £120m in special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) provision in the county.
  • A new strategy setting out how Norfolk intends to support children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities over the next three years is out for public consultation.
  • NCC are investing £29m in Housing with Care.


  1. To discuss matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting – None


  1. Correspondence

The highway Rangers are coming to Alburgh again soon. Councillors will email the clerk a list of a few jobs to ask the Rangers to do.

Two other things mentioned were:

The Drain blocked underground at bottom of Dove Hill.

Weight restriction sign coming up Tunbeck Hill has been knocked down.


  1. Update on Film Night

The last film showing was ‘Stan and Ollie’ which again was well attended.

The family film ‘Dumbo’ will be shown on 21st August at 2.00pm.


  1. Update on the Allotments at Wortwell

A ‘Works party’ is due to be held on 10th July, 2019 at 10.00am.



  1. Update on the new timetable for Bus Service 84

Following on from the question raised last meeting about whether the passenger numbers we had been given were only for fee paying passengers – Margaret Stone, County Councillor has confirmed the passenger numbers were all and any passengers, not related to those who pay or have concessions.

She has also asked about running the service once a week for market day but the response was that the ‘Borderhoppa’ is a much better option at £3.50 from door to door return cost.


Discussions on providing a voluntary car service in the village for people who need to get to the doctors.

All councillors were in agreement with this.  Mr. Denny will compile a list of people and put this in the magazine.


  1. To discuss progress on new sign for the Picnic Site

Mr. Denny has taken the new picnic tables down to the picnic site and he met with the River Waveney Trust people who were working on the jetty and they are going to install the picnic tables for us.  He also passed on the village sign to the organiser of the River Waveney Trust with our wording and they are going to put that together and put Waveney trust logo on it as well.  He was asked if in time we would put up a new notice board?  This was agreed.

Mr. Denny also asked the owner of ‘The Black Swan’ if we could use their facilities for parking, which they were happy for us to do. The opening will be advertised on Talk Talk.


  1. Update on Speed Limits/Signs for the village and the signage for the Church

Mr. Denny and some parish councillors met with Gary Overland from Highways on Tuesday.

Mr. Overland said that we can not reduce the speed limit in the village.

We could have villages gates where the 30mph signs start. These cost approx. £2,500 each and we could get a 50% grant. It was agreed that we would put a piece in the magazine asking people in the village what they thought.

With regard to a sign directing to the church we have been informed that the Highways Dept does not fund church signs.  If this was to go on an existing post the cost of this would be approx. £100.00.

We could have a sign to say there is a bend on Station Road on the incoming direction and two signs for the playing field to let motorists know there is a playing field. These cost approx. £200 each.  The clerk will ask Margaret Stone about funding for these.


The double yellow lines outside the Dove have been covered up by tarmac. Gary Overland will check this out and if there were double yellow lines there they will be re instated.


  1. To appoint three new trustees of the Alburgh Town Lands Estate

The following would like to be elected as trustees: Marion Sturgeon, Dinah Beckett and David Denny.  All approved.


  1. Playing Field Report

Mrs. Gladden-Fenn did report.  All was in good order.

Hedge cutting will start in September.


  1. To discuss publicity for the Agenda

Mr. Dunbar spoke about putting the agenda on Alburgh Talk and ‘Next Door’ as a way of involving the public as much as possible.  It was agreed to put this on Alburgh Talk and Mr. Dunbar will do this.  It was felt that ‘Next Door’ was not appropriate.  Discussions on ways to encourage people to join Alburgh talk.

It was agreed to do a flyer for this and to include the piece on the village gates.  Mrs. Gedge offered to compile a flyer.



  1. To report on planning decisions, applications commented on since last meeting

Applications received:

Ref:  2019/1304 Brocks Barn, Low Road, Alburgh.  Proposal:  Replacement of existing ground floor French doors and frame to the south elevation.  Parish councillors approved.


  1. To approve payments to be made and monies received

Payments:  J Ellis, Clerk salary and expenses £179.15

HMRC Paye £113.40

Moviola £111.90

Donation to Car parking contributions for Harleston £100.00

S & A Garden Services, hedge cutting around Millennium Garden £95.00

Receipts:    Film Night £241.20


Chris Brown, our new District councillor entered the meeting at 8.15pm after attending another council meeting first. He reported as follows:

  • Empty properties; the council has various ways of getting properties back in to use.
  • Waste collection services are being looked at.
  • He has a members grant fund available of £1,000 for local groups. We asked whether the notice board at the Picnic Site would qualify for this?  Brown will get back to us.
  • Browns e mail address is: cbrown@s-norfolk.gov.uk


  1. To receive items for the next agenda and confirm the time of the next parish council meeting as 5th September, 2019

Training for new parish councillors


  1. The meeting was adjourned at 8.30pm and reconvened at 8.36pm for public participation

The sign at bottom of Burnt Oak Lane is facing the wrong way.

People using the bus have been parking their cars in the Three Horseshoes car park and the owner would like people to ask first.

Mr. Denny clarified the situation about lorries travelling through the village.


  1. Close of meeting

Mr. Denny thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting at 8.40pm.


Mr. Denny, Chairman Alburgh Parish Council, 5th September, 2019.