Minutes of the Alburgh Parish Council meeting held on Thursday, 4th November 2021 at 7.30pm in Alburgh Village Hall.


Parish Councillors present:

Mr Soanes: Chairman, Mrs Davis: Vice Chair, Mrs. Gladden-Fenn, Mrs. Hair, Mrs. Stewart, Mrs. Poulter


Also attending:  4 members of the public, Jackie Ellis; clerk, Mr. Stone; County Councillor, Chris Brown; District Councillor


1.Welcome by the Chairman


  1. To receive and accept apologies for absence: Mr. Thompson


  1. To receive any declarations of interest from members on any item to be discussed – None


  1. To approve and sign the minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the October 2021 parish council meeting were signed by Mr. Soanes as a correct record.


  1. Open Forum for Public Participation (maximum 10 minutes): an opportunity to hear from members of the public

We have been asked if we have a Neighbourhood Watch scheme in the village.  At present we do not.


  1. To receive reports from District and County Councillors

Our county councillor; Barry Stone has sent a report which has been circulated.  Copy on Alburgh Talk.


Chris Brown; District Councillor reported on the following:

  • Future Office is being decided
  • Council now in the budget setting process
  • Environmental side will be discussed
  • Member Ward Grant, community schemes deadline is end of December. We will enquire about applying for a bench at Picnic site.


  1. To discuss matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting and not on the agenda

Discussions on sending the SAM data to the police.  Mrs. Stewart has tried to obtain the data but has encountered many problems.  She will try to find out more information.  The clerk will contact the police to ask if they could possibly attend one of our meetings to discuss what information they would like from the SAM and what format they would like it in?


The clerk has chased the Solicitors for an update on the village hall lease.


Discussions on where to put the gate that has been donated.  It was decided that at this present time the gate is not necessary. It will be stored in Mr. Soanes shed.


  1. Correspondence – None


  1. To receive update on Big South Norfolk Litter Pick held on 16.10.21

This was well attended.  The whole village has been cleared, approx. 18 bags full of rubbish was collected.  Thanks was given to Mrs. Gladden-Fenn for organising this.


  1. To receive inspection report on the Playing Field

Mrs. Gladden-Fenn did inspection.  All was in good order.

The recycling area is clean and tidy.

The Picnic site needs to be checked once a month.



The Play area has had its annual inspection and we have received the report.  All equipment is safe although it was felt that some of the equipment will need attention in the near future as it is getting quite old.  Mr. Soanes will deal  with the minor issues from the report where possible.


Discussions on a net for the basket ball ring.  Mrs. Poulter has enquired about this and has been quoted £20.00.  All councillors were happy with this and felt a net would be a good idea.  Mrs. Poulter will organise this.


  1. Discussion on Millennium Garden

Mrs. Poulter will contact Levi Farrow about cutting the grass at the garden.  Some villagers have offered to help with the garden which is very much appreciated and welcomed.  Mrs. Poulter will organise meeting up with the helpers.  She has bought some Tulip bulbs to plant to make the garden look nicer come the Spring.


Discussions on the Pond – Mr. Soanes has been in contact with the Norfolk Wildlife Trust.  The first step is to thin out the vegetation.  Mrs. Poulter will speak with Levi Farrow about this. Again members of the public offered to help with the pond and Mrs. Poulter will organise this.


  1. To discuss re start of Film Nights

It was agreed to start this again in January 2022.  Mrs. Hair has this in hand.


  1. To discuss training for whole council

It was agreed to put this on the January agenda to set a date for early Spring 2022.


  1. Broadband – discuss full fibre to premises

We have been asked by a new member of the community about full fibre to the premises (FTTP) in Alburgh.

Mark Thompson has spoken with this gentleman and has outlined an application process.  All members are happy to support this.


  1. To discuss the possibility of having Dog Poo Bins in the village

The clerk has enquired from SNC about this but has not received a definitive answer as yet.  This will be chased again.


  1. To report on planning decisions, applications commented on since last meeting – None


  1. To approve payments to be made and monies received

Payments:  J Ellis, Clerk salary and expenses £185.60

Levi Farrow for one cut of playing field £70.00

David Bracey Play Safety Inspections £96.00

Receipts:    SNC Recycling Adopter Payment £200.00


  1. To receive items for the next agenda


Dog Poo Bins

Budget Setting


  1. Any other business – None


  1. To confirm the date of the next meeting

Mr. Soanes thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting at 8.45pm.


Next meeting will be Thursday, 6th January 2022 at 7.30pm in Alburgh Village Hall.



Mr. Soanes, Chairman Alburgh Parish Council, 6th January, 2022