Minutes of the Alburgh Parish council meeting held on Thursday, 7th April 2022 at 7.30pm in Alburgh Village Hall.


Parish Councillors present:

Mrs Davis; Vice Chair, Mrs. Gladden-Fenn, Mrs. Hair, Mrs. Stewart, Mr. Thompson


Also attending:  2 members of the public, J. Ellis; clerk


  1. Welcome by the Vice Chair – Mrs. Davis welcomed all to the meeting


  1. Apologies from members unable to attend:  Barry Stone; County Councillor, Chris Brown; District councillor


  1. To receive any declarations of interest from members on any item to be discussed at this meeting – None
  2. To approve and sign the minutes of the last meeting held on 3rd March, 2022

The minutes were signed by Mrs. Davis as a correct record.


  1. Open forum for public participation (maximum 10 minutes): an opportunity to hear from members of the public: None


  1. Co Option of parish councillors

Following a unanimous vote, Caroline Swanston and Andrew Hall were co opted on to the parish council.  The Declaration of Acceptance of Office were signed and all other necessary forms will be forwarded to the new councillors.


  1. To receive reports from District and County Councillors – None


  1. To discuss matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting which are not on the agenda – None


  1. Correspondence – None


  1. To receive inspection report on the Playing Field and Homersfield Picnic site

Mrs. Davis did inspection.  All was in good order.

The clerk will order the picnic tables for Homersfield Picnic Site and organise delivery.


  1. To receive update on Millennium Garden and Pond – No report available tonight.


  1. Update on the parish council’s risk assessments

Mark Thompson is in the process of updating these and has them in draft.  These will be finalised for next months meeting.


  1. Update on the clearing of Rice’s Lane

All information has now been forwarded to Highways and this should now be in the process of being cleared.


  1. To receive update on starting Film Nights

Voting is picking up and once these are increased sufficiently they will start again.


  1. Events planned for Platinum Jubilee Weekend

The Chairman and a parish councillor of Wortwell parish council were with us tonight and talked to us about joining together to do something for the jubilee celebrations.  Their suggestion was to put a Film on on the Saturday and to hold it outdoors at Wortwell. All councillors thought this was a good idea. Mrs. Hair will look in to the licence and the costs of film, etc.

Other events for the jubilee weekend were discussed and agreed upon.

It was agreed that the maximum costs for the parish council will be £250.00 which will come out of sundry expenses.

We will apply for the Jubilee Weekend Grant from South Norfolk Council.



It was agreed by a majority vote that members coming along to help at one of our ordinary film showings should only pay if they want to watch the film.


  1. Update on installing Dog Poo Bins

We have received confirmation from SNC that we can install bins on the corner of Church Road and the Set A Side area.  The clerk will order two bins.


  1. To elect new parish council representative for magazine

The magazine now has a new editor.  Caroline Swanston offered to be our representative.


  1. South Norfolk Litter Pick – to discuss taking part again this year

It was agreed that we would take part in this again.  Date arranged for 21st May, 2022.  Mrs. Gladden-Fenn kindly agreed to organise this.


  1. To discuss Alburgh Welcome Leaflet and Key Fobs for Defibrillator

Mrs. Davis has the key fobs for the defibrillator.  It was agreed that these would be taken to the bar, etc for parishioners to take.

To Update the Welcome Leaflet. Discussions on what to include.  Mrs. Hair will organise this to be updated.


  1. To report on planning decisions, applications commented on since last meeting

Ref:  2022/0647 – Proposal:  Single storey extension to consented barn conversion.  Change of use of land to residential curtilage and erection of a shed outbuilding.  Parish councillors support this application.

Ref:  2022/0687 – Proposal:  Notification for Prior approval for a proposed change of use and associated building works of an agricultural building to a dwelling house.  Parish councillors support this application.


  1. To approve payments to be made:

Payments:  Clerk Salary £193.60 plus allowances £29.60

HMRC Paye £78.00

Mrs. Davis, Padlock £8.00

Ian Smith, grass cutting £240.00


  1. To receive items for the next agenda

Banking – To organise new signatories


  1. Any other business – None


  1. To confirm the date of the next meeting – Thursday, 5th May 2022


Mrs. Davis thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting at 9.05pm.