Minutes of the Alburgh Parish Meeting, 5th May, 2022


The Vice Chairman of Alburgh Parish Council, Mrs. Davis was present and therefore presided.  She welcomed 5 parish councillors, Mrs J Ellis (Clerk) and 3 members of the public.


Apologies:  Chris Brown; District Councillor, Andrew Hall


Reports and Accounts


No representative from the village groups/clubs/ was in attendance tonight but reports have been emailed in. All the accounts and reports were available on the night and were all approved by everyone who was in attendance. Copies of these are available from the clerk on request if anyone would like to see them.


County Councillor – No report received.

District Councillor – Reports received from Councillors Chris Brown and Brendon Bernard.

Local Police – No report received.

Parish Council – Report and Accounts presented.

Parish Land Accounts – Accounts presented.

Pagan Gift Accounts – Accounts presented.

Churchyard Accounts – Report and Accounts presented.

Alburgh Town Lands Estate – Report and Accounts presented.

Alburgh Poor’s Allotments – Report and Accounts presented.

Alburgh Village Hall – Report and Accounts presented.

Alburgh with Denton VC Primary School – No report received.


Alburgh Village Club and Group Reports


Alburgh pre-school Nursery – Report received.

Badminton Club – Report received.

Bowls Club – Report received.

Tennis Club – Deborah Stewart gave a report; The Tennis Club is doing well and have a healthy bank balance.  The tennis courts will need resurfacing in the near future and are hopeful of getting more funding from the LTA.  They are hoping to open the courts in the summer.  Sessions are Friday mornings and Tuesday evenings in the summer.  Keen for more members.

Parent & Toddler Group – No report received.

Any Other Business – None


Mrs. Davis thanked everyone for coming and there being no further business the meeting was closed at 7.15pm.


Copies of each report are available from the clerk on request.