Minutes of the Alburgh Parish council meeting held on Thursday, 9th June 2022 at 7.30pm in Alburgh Village Hall.


Parish Councillors present:

Mr. Thompson; Chairman, Mrs Davis; Vice Chair, Mrs. Gladden-Fenn, Mrs. Hair, Mrs. Swanston


Also attending:   3 Members of the public, Mr J Collins, Barry Stone; County Councillor, J. Ellis; clerk


Mr Thompson welcomed everyone to the meeting


To receive apologies from members unable to attend:  Mr. Hall, Chris Brown; District Councillor


  1. To receive any declarations of interest from members on any item to be discussed at this meeting – None
  2. To approve and sign the minutes of the last meeting held on 5th May, 2022. The minutes were signed by Mr. Thompson as a correct record.


  1. Open forum for public participation (maximum 10 minutes): an opportunity to hear from members of the public: No member had any comments.


5.5   Barry Stone; County Councillor gave the following report:

Norfolk County Council are making their meetings more stream lined.

Local transport plan for Norfolk

St Stephens Road, Norwich:  cycling and walking improvements.  Expected completion Friday 26 August 2022

Have your say on bus service improvements in Norfolk

Jubilee Trees for Norfolk scheme.  This will be advertised.

Information available on the county council website about all items.


Chris Brown; District councillor in his absence emailed the following report:

  • Future Office Accommodation – Both South Norfolk and Broadland Councils have agreed to pursue the purchase of the Horizon building at Broadland business park to provide new offices for all staff in a single location
  • At the council’s AGM, Cllr James Easter became the new Chairman of the council and his themes for the year will be the environment and the Rural Economy.
  • Planning – Natural England’s objection to new housing plans due to the river pollution issue (nutrient neutrality) risks a long delay to new housing permissions across much of Norfolk, potentially affected up to 10,000 new homes. South Norfolk is working with other councils to seek a way forward, including possible mitigation measures.
  • Environmental issues, including improvements to recycling, carbon emission reduction and supporting biodiversity improvements. The council is now developing a Carbon Reduction strategy.
  • There has been a change in the political make up of the Council, with 3 conservative councillors having left the ruling group to form a new independent grouping.


  1. To discuss matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting which are not on the agenda

Thanks to Daphny Gladden-Fenn for organising the Litter Pick.  There were difficulties in obtaining the equipment and communication with South Norfolk Council and Ketteringham.  We will send an email outlining the problems we have had.


It was agreed to organise a painting party for the play equipment.


Parish Councillor Vacancy – To date we have had one application.  Closing date for applications is 14th June.


The necessary forms for updating the signatories on our bank account have been completed and sent.


  1. Correspondence received – None


  1. To receive inspection report on the Playing Field and Homersfield Picnic site

Mrs. Hair did inspection.  All was in good order.


  1. Village Items

Position of Dog Poo Bins

Some residents have complained about the position of the dog poo bin at the junction with Church Road and have asked if it could be moved slightly to the exit of the car park at the village hall, next to the existing waste collection facilities.  After discussion, the majority of parish councillors agreed that this position would be not suitable. Mr. Thompson will meet with the residents concerned to reach a compromise.


Update on Alburgh welcome leaflet – This is still on going.  To go on next agenda.


Update on Film Nights – First film night was held in May.  This was a successful evening and attended by 49 people.

The next film showing is West Side Story to be held on 17th June, 2022.


Request from Jason Collins for financial contribution to village magazine

We have received a request from Jason for financial support of £375.00 which would go towards production of the magazine. The aim is to get a copy of the magazine delivered to every home in Alburgh and Denton and to do this without the need to ask for the community to pay an annual subscription of £6, but have the magazine fully funded by 3 means: Alburgh parish council and Denton parish council both covering one month’s edition and sponsorship covering the remaining 10 months.  After discussion, and a vote of 4 votes for proposal and 1 abstention, the decision was made to support this request subject to Denton parish council and sponsorship being arranged to fund remainder.


Village Questionnaire – thoughts on doing an assessment of what people would like to see/improvements to the village.  Discussions on this and all councillors felt this was a good idea.  Mr. Thompson will put something together and bring to next meeting.


Rubbish Bins – potential to get a large commercial bin on site.  Discussions on whether this could be shared with the village hall.  Mrs. Davis will go back to the village hall committee with this and report back at next meeting.


  1. Other Parish Council Items

Thoughts on holding parish council meetings bi monthly – It was agreed to not go down this route.


To approve and adopt updated Risk Assessments

These have been updated and circulated to all councillors.  These were approved and adopted tonight.


Council Data Protection/privacy policy – This will be looked into.


Cloud based secure storage place for council documents – Mr. Thompson will get some prices for this.


Training for councillors – The clerk will get some dates and bring to next meeting.


  1. To report on planning decisions, applications commented on since last meeting

Applications received:

Ref:  2022/0880 – Brocks Barn, Low Road, Alburgh. All councillors supported this application.

Ref:  2022/0768 – Chestnut Lodge, Low Road, Alburgh.  All councillors supported this application.

Decisions made:  Ref:  2022/0647 – Little Barn, Station Road, Alburgh.  Approval with conditions.


  1. To approve payments to be made:


Clerk Salary £159.10 plus allowances £29.60

Mrs. L Ling for internal audit £50.00

Insurance Renewal £1,022.08

Moviola – Supply of Film £133.75

Norfolk Parish Training & Support subscription £65.00

ICO – Data Protection renewal £35.00 (collected by direct debit)




South Norfolk Council Jubilee Grant £200.00

Quiz Night £58.00

Film Night £259.40


  1. To approve and complete annual audit forms:

Section 1 – Annual Governance Statement – approved and signed

Section 2 – Accounting Statements – approved and signed

Certificate of Exemption – approved and signed

All statements will be sent to the external auditor.


  1. To receive items for the next agenda


Alburgh welcome leaflet

Wortwell Allotments – To organise a ‘tidy up’ and skip as previously approved

Joint Meetings with other parish councils



  1. Any other business

Mr. Thompson thanked everyone for their help and support in the jubilee weekend.


  1. To confirm the date of the next meeting – Thursday, 7th July 2022


Mr. Thompson thanked everyone for coming and closed the meeting at 8.40pm.